1. Furi Pro 5 Slot Wood Knife Block - 50% OFF

    The Furi Pro 5 Slot Knife Block is constructed from Teak and Rubberwood. The intermix of light coloured Rubberwood and Teak offers a stunning block that looks at home in both contemporary or traditional kitchens.

    • Universally sized slots allow for all sizes of knife types
    • Designed to house a variety of knives
    • Fits long knives with blade lengths of up to 23cm / 9 inch
    • Lacquered finish is resistant to stains and is easy to clean
    • Non-slip feet protects your work top and ensures a stable block


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  2. 50% Furi Pro Chop & Transfer Boards

    The perfect complement to a Furi Pro knife is a high quality chopping board. The Furi Chop & Transfer board is designed so that you can easily place your hand (plate or serving tray) underneath the edge of the board to help transfer food quickly and without mess.

    The board is extra thick (4cm) to cope with any demands you place on it whether that be cleaving lamb joint to tenderising beef fillets.

    • Size: 42 x 30 x 4cm (Large Board)
    • Size: 35 x 25 x 4cm (Medium Board)
    • Constructed in ash a visually stunning hardwood
    • End grain construction for durability
    • Non slip feet

    Up to 50% off ALL Furi Knives, Knife Blocks and Accessories ???? - Limited Stock - Limited Time at The Essential Utensil Albury.

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  3. Furi Pro Magnetic Hexagonal Knife Block Set 7 Piece

    The versatile Furi Magnetic Hexagonal knife block securely stores knifes in multiple configurations. Six knives can be stored on the outside for easy identification, or more discreetly inside; or store them in a combination of outside and inside.
    Contains: Asian Utility Knife 12cm, Utility Knife 15cm, East/West Santoku Knife 17cm, Bread Knife 20cm, Cook's Knife 20cm, Carving Knife 20cm, Magnetic Hexagonal knife block

    • Magnetic Hexagonal Block stores up to 12 knives
    • High performance Japanese stainless steel blade
    • Innovative reverse-wedge handle for improved grip
    • Optimised bolster
    • Seamless, all stainless steel construction of the blade and handle eliminate food and dirt traps for the ultimate in food & hygiene
    • Hand wash in warm soapy water with the blade pointed away. Dry thoroughly after washing. Block can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


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  4. Prepara - 3 Section Tray

    Serve all your favorite toppings!
    Our 3 Section Taco Tray has connected bowls for serving all the taco fillings. Perfect for passing around the table and pairing with Taco Spoons. Durable melamine construction.

    • 3 Sections for your favorite taco fillings and toppings
    • Decorative patterns
    • Ceramic look - durable melamine construction
    • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe
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  5. OXO Turner - Silicone

    Engineered for comfortable flipping and chopping
    The OXO Good Grips Silicone Everyday Flexible Turner is the perfect tool for flipping burgers, chopping ground beef and lifting cookies without crumbling. The flexible metal core is encased in heat-resistant silicone for use in hot pans and sheet pans straight out of the oven. The turner's head has beveled edges that slip under food for lifting and hug the sides of pans for fast deglazing. It's also large enough to transport chicken or fish filets and sturdy enough to break up ground meat — all without scratching non-stick cookware. The turner’s neck is angled to better clear the sides of large pans, reducing wri
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  6. Angled Measuring Cup - 1 Cup/ 250ml

    Angled to let you measure accurately from above
    The patented angled surface allows you to see measurement markings from above as you're pouring, so you can better measure ingredients without bending or lifting the cup to eye level. Contains markings for cups, ounces, and millilitres.

    • Patented angled surface lets you read measurements from above
    • Eliminates the need to fill, check and adjust
    • Soft, non-slip handle
    • Standard and metric measurement markings
    • BPA free
    • Dishwasher safe


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  7. Open Today - Open Every Day Until Christmas Day

    The Essential Utensil Albury - ‘Where the Cook becomes the MasterChef’

    Open 7 Days - Open Every Day until
    Christmas Day! Open Boxing Day!

    Delivery Available Australia Wide!

    Same Day Dispatch! Free Freight any purchase over $150.00! (Conditions and Exclusions Apply)

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    Strahl gives you the beauty and hand-feel of glass but is virtually unbreakable, making it the glassware choice of the world’s most prestigious hotels and resorts.

    Proudly designed in New Zealand over 25 years ago it offers the perfect balance between weight, clarity, elegance and durability. With a vast range and attention to quality Strahl has become the choice of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, resorts, cruise lines and homes. Made from premium quality polycarbonate and hand finished under the strictest ISO conditions, Strahl continues to lead the world in premium polycarbonate drink and serveware solutions.

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  9. Noaw NS220 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer – Medium Duty

    * Belt driven food slicers for efficient and consistent food slicing
    * Three sizes available offering blade diameter of 220mm, 250mm or 300mm providing different food cut heights and lengths
    * Ideal for smaller shops, delis, cafes and restaurants
    * Designed and made in Italy
    * 2 years full warranty covering parts & labour

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  10. SteeL® Lever Ice Cream Scoop

    Gathers and deposits scoops with style and one-handed ease
    The OXO SteeL Lever Ice Cream Scoop's sturdy stainless steel head scoops your favorite ice cream, sorbet or sherbet, then pops it out by its pop-up lever onto a cone or dish. The soft, non-slip handle relieves pressure on your hand, especially when scooping hard ice cream.

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